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CHARACTER NAME: Malfatto -- "The Doctor"
CHARACTER SERIES: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood & Assassin's Creed: Legacy


Backtagging: Sure
Threadhopping: Yep
Fourthwalling: Limited, if at all. He'll likely just think you're nuts anyway.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Sure. The guy butchers prostitutes and sneaks into women's bedrooms to kill them :c Not much throws us, k.


Hugging this character: Sure, but he likely won't hug back. If you're female, expect some degree of creepiness. If you're female and he REALLY HATES YOU :| he'll probably try to break your neck.
Kissing this character: I wouldn't. Besides, the mask doesn't lend itself well to smooches. Catch him unmasked and... it's still not a good idea :c
Flirting with this character: Go ahead, but he's not really into that.
Fighting with this character: Sure, but unless you've got magic/supernatural stuff on your side, good luck. Doc can more than handle himself, and if you're female, will likely prefer YOUR ULTIMATE DOOM as an end to said fight. Yeah!
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Sure! Nothing disfiguring, please!
Killing this character: It's bound to happen! Definitely not when he's still fresh to the place, but I see it coming eventually.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Limited, if at all.
Triggers: Child abuse. Not a fan of that. He doesn't especially like children, but emotional/physical damage to a kid by his/her parent(s) will definitely set him off. Also, whores set him off. Ffff, whores.
Winning/Losing: Obvs he's not going to be able to take on everyone. Despite being quite strong/fast, he's still only human.
Physical State?: 6'2", athletic build. Great cardio, strong upper body (or all that climbing and shit would be near-impossible). He's quite fit. Not much else I can say about that.
Mental State?: Not. Good.


None? I mean, he's got a weird love/hate thing with the female persuasion, but that's about it. Anything else, feel free to ask?

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