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Out of Character Information

player name: Kaz
player livejournal: [personal profile] collidoskope
playing here: Boss and Galatea
where did you find us? Fortune cookie
are you 16 years of age or older?: Older

In Character Information

character name: Malfatto
Fandom: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood/Project Legacy
Timeline: Just prior to his death at the hands of Ezio Auditore's recruits, following Malfatto's attempt to murder Fiora Cavazza.
character's age: Unknown – we'll assume 35? I can't fathom it being much more or less.

powers, skills, pets and equipment: His abilities mainly include that which he learned as a Templar as well as a skilled serial murderer-- nothing “magical” or scientifically enhanced, but above-average nevertheless. He's quite light on his feet, able to run several steps up a wall before taking to climbing (with a slight running start, of course), broad jumper, acute accuracy with throwing knives, near-silent when “stalking”, and familiar with an array of hand-to-hand combat skills and fatal manoeuvres. I suppose his only “impossible” ability would be the “Leap of Faith” (which isn't called this when we're dealing with Templars, but it's the same idea) where he's capable of jumping from a great height and diving unharmed into, say, a bale of hay or a deep body of water. Cement or grass will still kill him on impact, of course. As far as his abilities go, he's advanced, but obviously not faultless nor invincible.

Beyond that, Malfatto is a Renaissance-era physician, with abilities any plague doctor would be trained in. He's capable with natural remedies, first aid, minor surgeries, and prescribing drugs amongst other things, none of which are really all that great. As a result, he's also quite familiar with how to break or infect the human body, poison being his method of choice insofar as subtlety and secrecy goes. It's a terrifying thing when the one you trust most to heal you is the one slowly picking you apart with... “remedies”.

All of the aforementioned abilities are canon. I doubt I'll be adding any abilities to his card, but if this changes, I'll be sure to consult the mods. I'm not looking for anyone supernatural here.

He'll be arriving with his doctor's uniform-- head to toe, near-black green leather (tri-corn hat, head covering, ankle length coat, knee-high boots, pants), as well as brass-rimmed goggles built into a plague-era “bird” mask. His leather belt is adorned with several pouches and holsters, containing various herbs and other... things... for assembling poultices and other medicines on the spot. Depending on the recipe, it's cure or kill. He also carries a specialty steel syringe. Better hidden are a few throwing knives and at least three non-life threatening smoke bombs. Just in case.

canon history:

Well, lets look at what plague doctors were, because that's what he canonly is. Normally, they weren't professionally trained physicians, or they were and were merely second rate. They were invaluable across Europe, being the only ones willing to risk their health to diagnose and administer care to sufferers of the Bubonic plague, and they rarely interacted with the general public. Obviously the chance of a doctor becoming infected was massive, so they refrained from keeping company with healthy folk, even avoiding touching their own patients out of fear of contracting the disease (they used poking sticks!). They were amongst the few allowed to perform autopsies without officials monitoring them, as it was generally encouraged for them to pick apart corpses devoured by the plague in hopes of finding a cure for said plague... that, and healthy officials tended to not want to be part of it, for fear of contracting it themselves. Understandable.

Typically, their attire was a heavy fabric coated with wax, and a mask with an exceptionally long beak. Malfatto's costume is built of soft leather, durability leaning more towards his secondary “occupation” than the first.

We know Malfatto's adept with the creation and use of poisons, as well as knowing the more methodical, effective ways of taking someone out. From this, we may assume he's had some professional training, even if he was never an “official” family doctor. Plague doctors were still considered doctors, so we're good. Somewhere along the lines of his work (and his little side job as a serial murderer, oops) he became involved with the Borgia family, working with the Templar Order as an assassin for Cesare Borgia, who sought him out specifically thanks to Malfatto's reputation as a skilled and renowned destroyer of whores. With the Templar Order focused on maintaining a strong bond with the church (Borgia being the son of the Pope) and striving to keep their support, a believable “faith” is exploited amongst the Templars... hilarious, with the majority of them being atheists. Malfatto, it seems, was committed to ridding the streets of the impure, murdering prostitutes. He was doing God's work! ... though lacking the belief that God had anything to do with it. Essentially, he was pretty cool with slaughtering people in order to maintain a front, and please the Pope's son. Whether by choice or by responsibility, he targets women.

Malfatto's last attack was on Fiora Cavazza, another of Cesare Borgia's “employees”, and highly regarded amongst his followers. Fiora was to deliver an envelope to Malfatto, and narrowly escaped an unwarranted attack by the doctor before stating her business was with their mutual employer. It is never revealed what the envelope contained, but it was almost certainly a contract for assassination. Shortly after, Fiora awoke in her home to Malfatto, in the middle of the night, attempting to poison her with his syringe. She fought back and wounded him with a hidden blade in her fan, and he escaped. Cavazza commissioned the Assassin's Order -- headed by Ezio Auditore – to destroy him, and that's they did. The assumption is that Borgia ordered Malfatto to, for whatever reason, murder Fiora, but this is never confirmed.

For the purposes of this game, he's taken after his attempted assassination on Fiora, but prior to his own death at the hands of the Assassin's Order.

Here are some links!


Fiora (scroll down to Malfatto's section):


I know this is supposed to be “the important section”, but with Malfatto being as discreet and cloak-and-dagger as he is, besides him being a minor character, I'm afraid I... don't have much. Logic would insinuate that he's quite serious about his work, possibly harbouring a distaste for women in general since he's so chill with regards to taking them out. He's obviously quite intelligent, using his knowledge as a doctor to both heal and ruin, the latter in secret. I figure that as a plague doctor and a Templar, he's quite the risk taker, possibly a little too confident in his work, He failed in his mission to murder Fiora-- we may assume he underestimated her (or overestimated himself), and essentially set himself up for his death by the hands of Ezio's recruits. I'm actually quite surprised they caught him in the first place.

I have little for his personality, besides him being a manipulative, ruthless, intelligent creature of the streets. I plan to play him as such-- soft-spoken, friendly, deceptive. He'll try to blend in, try to befriend, possibly try to find new employ with someone who has more enemies than most. He'll set up shop, learn more as a physician, and add to his knowledge as a doctor/murderer. Since he's been here before and his name is known, his "place" is pretty much written out. He's known as violent, sociopathic and indifferent to peoples' suffering. It just doesn't matter.

why do you feel this character would be appropriate to the setting?

Mainly because he's... a relatively normal human, with a violent twist of misery and the macabre, which is precisely what I see in this city's core. On a trivial scale, his attire boasts some steampunkish qualities, canon suggests that large cities with a multitude of different good and not-so-good personalities are what he's used to and flourishes in, and I think he'd be a fine addition to what I see as an already diverse cast. Besides that, people from his canon are here, and he has a standing reputation with people he's interacted with previously. The man has certainly left his mark. Malfatto is used to being on the run, sneaking about and maintaining a low profile while at the same time being quite a high profile individual, when the need arises. He's not afraid of confrontation, and knows from experience when a battle isn't worth the bite-- he'll run if he has to, and run pretty goddamn fast. I think he'd fit in well here, and adapt accordingly.

Previously Played Information

previous game: Scorched
length of time there: A year for sure, as it's been a year since he killed Riza.

important development and/or events in your previous game: Well, he murdered Riza in an alleyway, killed a bunch of prostitutes on a whim, and was consequently taken down by Kunsel in a church. He also returned from death feigning ignorance to his crimes, using knowledge of death's consequences and the Mist as an excuse. "Ah, really? I did that? Truly sorry"... that sort of underhanded shit. That's all he really did, aside from working in the Arena and dicking around in general.

notes: When he left, he returned home. Now he's back, and god help him if he can reclaim some trust and credibility. He's a Templar, though-- lad's not stupid. He'll make SOMETHING up and be an asshole as per usual.

Writing Samples

Network Post Sample:

[Dropped and quickly forgotten, the Forge comes alive, camera whirring near-silently to itself and capturing naught but the weathered rafters of some unfamiliar, sparsely-lit room. The thud of heavy soles across wooden floorboards cause the chunk of machinery to vibrate as the weight draws nearer... further.... gone.

Standing still.

A man's voice is heard, the accent thick and possibly familiar to some. Possibly sickening. To others, it's merely the voice of someone likely new, though this man isn't new at all. No, he knows exactly where he is, and though he may not be up to date with who is here, he sure as high Hell knows what this place is all about.

Been there, done that.

He sings. The language is Italian. The tone is flawed, yet confident.

Moving again. Closer the steps loom, the brush of a soft leather hemline following his stride and coming to a halt just out of view. Up goes the Forge, and here we are face-to-face with the owner-- a goggled visage set upon a pathetically blank expression. His mask is stark white against the plain black of his hat, his cowl, everything, but no colour is lost in his voice.]

There you are, Anatole. I thought I'd lost you.

[He cocks his head to the side, inhales and exhales steady, strong.]

How have you been? And did you miss me!

I missed you. My home seems so sad, so bland compared to here. You creatures always have something delightfully ludicrous happening.

[Strange how you can sense a smile without actually seeing it.]

So! Tell me your stories, citizens new and old. What have I missed?

Third Person Sample:

She'd passed quickly, as expected, a murky brown dribble of fluid snaking down her cheek, pooling on her pillow before seeping into the fabric. He'd have to replace the linens, but he'd planned to do so anyway. Most of this had been planned... in fact, planned specifically following his last visit to Anatole. Playing on the routine of the place was one thing, feigning ignorance to crimes committed during his first visit. It wasn't entirely uncommon for people to die and return sans memories; the Scorched themselves had admitted as much, likely not thinking someone would ever use that sort of thing to their advantage. Malfatto wasnt sure how many fell for it, or how many were even still here from that time.

"I'm sorry for what I did... sorrier still that I don't recall any of it."

Riza didn't buy it, nor Dawn. Granted, those were the two he'd wronged most: one he left with a face that resembled uncooked fondue meat more than a human semblance, and the other who'd actually killed an innocent man because ah, the good doctor was indeed good, no?


If lying about his memories didn't work, nothing would, truly. Perhaps time would grant him some grace, but how long has he been away for? Weeks? Months? From what he'd observed during his brief trek from the Door to this little apartment, there wasn't much change. It was springtime. That was all.

Now, this apartment was a funny thing. If his second visit to Anatole had taught him anything, it was that a third visit was painfully possible. Third time's a charm. Is that how it goes? What fool would carry on with their life unprepared? The woman was someone he'd picked out during his second "visit". Watched. Followed. Slight build, frail, poor eyesight, roughly 70-80 years of age. Lived alone above a shop that looked long closed. She was the perfect sort of... how we say, "risk management"... should he return.

And return he did.

Now she was dead. What luck that she was still holed up in the place. Luckier still that she was even alive despite her age, and evidently had no qualms about opening her door to strangers. The poison would leave no trace of anything horrid. Poor girl was so old. It really was just a matter of time anyway, yeah? Who would think warily of it?

"She knew me as a dottore... a doctor, from before. I did have a practice here. Such a shame that she passed. Moreso that she had no one."

How fortunate, though, that she had this apartment! The others could hiss and spit what they wished. Murderer. Manipulator. He cared nothing about it. He was a doctor. And a fucking smart one. You didn't get to work for the Borgias with anything less.

Anything else?: Nope!


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